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Security Statement

Online Security

United Mississippi Bank understands that the security of your personal account information is important to you. We also understand that our continued success as a financial institution relies on both our ability to offer banking services to you in a secure manner as well as your responsibility in keeping any access codes, passwords or PINs secure. To assist us in offering these Web-based banking services in a secure manner, we employ a number of measures, which are described below. These measures allow us, among other benefits, to properly authenticate your identity when you access these services and protect your information as it travels between your PC and United Mississippi Bank. With the proper safety measures in place, your online banking transactions remain safe and secure. The following measures have been taken to ensure your privacy, as well as some steps you can take. 


Our server does not connect directly to the Internet. It is isolated from the network via a “router” and a “firewall". In combination, they serve as an “electronic guardian”. All requests to the server are filtered through a router and firewall before they are permitted access to the server. A router is a piece of hardware that works in conjunction with the firewall, a piece of software, to block and direct traffic coming to the server. The router and firewall define and limit access that "outside" computers have to United Mississippi Bank’s server. The configuration begins by disallowing ALL traffic and then opens only when necessary to allow only authorized users to have access.


United Mississippi Bank uses the latest in encryption technology to ensure that your private information cannot be intercepted by unauthorized users. When you request information about your accounts online, the encrypted request is sent to United Mississippi Bank. We decode the transmission and verify your user and account information. We then send the requested information back to you in an encrypted format that only you can read.


Multi-Factor Authentication offers enhanced security with a watermark that is intended to protect you from malware, redirects, ect. You will answer a few questions and select a picture, which will appear each time you long into the Bank's website, so that you know you have always reached our legitimate site.


In order to access your accounts online you must enter a unique User ID and PIN number. We strongly recommend that you choose a PIN that you can remember (without writing it down) but does not use information that can be easily guessed by someone. Avoid the use of birthdays, children’s names, etc. Do not reveal your User ID or PIN to anyone.


United Mississippi Bank requires that you change your PIN every one hundred eighty (180) days. This step provides additional security should someone guess your current PIN.


If an unauthorized person attempts entry into your online account by trying to guess the User ID and PIN combination, United Mississippi Bank will automatically disable the PIN after three (3) tries. This step prohibits further access. If you accidentally activate this security feature by unintentionally mis-keying a password three (3) times, you will need to stop by one of our locations to sign a form requesting that your PIN be reset. 


If you are logged on but do not perform any activity for ten (10) minutes, you will be logged off automatically. We recommend logging off your online banking session when you are finished. Once you have finished your online banking session, logoff before visiting other internet sites. We also recommend that you do not leave your computer unattended while you are logged on.


In regards to e-mail usage, always be alert for fraudulent activity.  Here are a few things to watch for:

  • Emails with upsetting or exciting (but false) statements in their subject lines to get people to react immediately
  • Emails or forms that appear to be valid but typically ask for private information such as user names, passwords, credit card numbers or social security numbers

You can play an effective role in protecting against such activity:

  • Remember email is unsecured.  Never send private or confidential information such as, account numbers, social security numbers, pins, etc.
  • Only open emails sent by people you know and companies you trust

Do not open attachments unless you are certain you can trust the source


Contact us immediately if you suspect unauthorized access to your accounts.


While we work to protect your banking privacy, you also play an important role:

  • Don’t reveal your User ID or PIN to anyone 
  • Don’t leave your computer unattended while logged on to your account 
  • Log off before visiting other internet sites 
  • Contact us immediately if you notice any suspicious or unusual activity related to your accounts