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Electronic Services

ACH Services

ACH services provide the convenience of delivering and receiving funds electronically
through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system, eliminating the need to write
checks or send invoices. ACH enables you to automate your payroll, vendor payments,
and other disbursements, as well as streamline the management of your receivables,
gaining improved online record-keeping.

In addition to viewing account information and banking transactions, UMB’s business
online banking service allows you to originate ACH transactions from the internet
through a secure site.

ACH Origination Types
  • Direct Deposit (Credit): Make a variety of consumer payments, including
    payroll, expense reimbursement, pension, bonuses, and dividends. Benefits
    include reduced costs associated with account reconcilement, check production
    and postage expenses for distribution, improved relationships with
    clients/employees due to timely payments, and enhanced ability to predict cash
  • Vendor Payments/Disbursements: Pay suppliers via CCD+ and CTX formats
    for providing payment related information such as invoice number, date, and
  • Consumer Direct Debit: Collect one-time and recurring payments from your
    customers electronically. Payments include utilities, donations, membership
    fees, loan payments, insurance premiums, newspaper subscriptions, rental fees
    and more. Benefits include reduced expenses for billing/collection cycles, a
    shortened collection time, and a low cost alternative for collection of recurring
    payments from customers.
  • Corporate Direct Debit: Collect payments from suppliers via CCD+ and CTX
    formats for providing payment related details such as invoice number, date and
  • Cash Concentration: Use ACH to consolidate funds from your Company’s
    accounts in multiple locations to your UMB concentration/operating account. This process enables your company to have closer accounting controls, to take advantage of investment opportunities and meet disbursement needs.
Transmission Options for ACH Originations through UMB is provided via Business
Online Banking access for Cash Management Services. Your company will specify in
your ACH Agreement/Schedules which company employees will have ACH access
rights for ACH file submissions You will be comfortable knowing that UMB is one of
the top originators and maintains staff which includes AAP (Accredited ACH
Professional) certified specialists.
ACH Return Notifications. You will be notified promptly of any Notification of
Change (NOC) and/or Return Item upon receipt by UMB. NOC and Return notices may be delivered via US mail or fax as specified by your company. If any ACH return or NOC is time-sensitive, it will be delivered via fax.

Please refer to the fee schedule for other fees and charges that may apply. It is located under Resources on the website. 

UMB Bill Pay

Business Bill Pay
Pay your bills the easy way with online bill payment service from the convenience of
your computer, tablet or smart phone.
With Bill Pay…
  • Pay your bills securely in one place.
  • Track your account balance and online bill payment history quickly
  • Make single or recurring payments
  • Receive your billing statements for account aggregation and ease of payment
    with eBills.
  • Expedite payment delivery as needed for participating payees
  • Confirm your payments by confirmation # provided for completed transactions
  • Access service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Pay Anyone with the “Pay a Person” feature for electronic or email payments
  • Pay bills for only $5.95 a month with monthly payment activity.
  • The First 3 months are ** Free **.
To enroll for Business Bill Pay, simply log in to Online Banking and select the
"Bill Pay" tab. Please refer to our FAQ page or call 877-709-7070 to learn more.

Please refer to the fee schedule for other fees and charges that may apply. It is located under Resources on the website.


eStatements are electronic versions of the bank statements we would normally print and mail to you each month. Instead of waiting for the mail, eStatements can be electronically delivered to you via your online banking service. After enrollment for eStatements, your next bank statement will be accessed under the eDocs tab within your online banking service. You will receive an email notification to alert you that your eStatement is ready for viewing. eStatements will archive within your online banking for up to 18 months for convenient access for downloading or printing as needed.
Enroll for eStatements today by accessing your Online Banking and then select the
"eDocs" tab. For additional assistance or to learn more, please visit a United Mississippi
Bank location or call 877-709-7070.

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

EDI Fax Reporting
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the electronic exchange of business information and documents, such as purchase order and invoice detail, between business partners. Your Company may receive purchase order or invoice information via ACH addendum and possibly periodic ACH returns due to closed accounts or insufficient funds (NSF). UMB provides you with the detailed payment information thru a secure email channel on the same day the transaction amount is posted to your account. EDI exchange provides advantages to your business including automatic systems updates, immediate availability of funds and reduced expense of internal processing.

Please refer to the fee schedule for other fees and charges that may apply. It is located under Resources on the website.